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LabFocus Feb Mar 2019

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R&D News ................. 1 Appointments ............ 6 New Products .......... 12 App Reviews ............. 15 P H A R M A C E U T I C A L C L I N I C A L C H E M I C A L F O O D E N V I R O N M E N T w w w . l a b o r a t o r y f o c u s . c a FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 Volume 23, Number 1 Publications Mail Registration Number: 40052410 MARS INNOVATION'S TRIPHASE ACCELERATOR ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH CELGENE FOR FIRST-IN-CLASS WDR5 LEUKEMIA THERAPY 23ANDME ADDS WEIGHT-LOSS COACHING TO ITS DNA TESTING SERVICE High-yield transient production of antibodies and proteins for use in pre-clinical programs Page 7 How electroporation can enhance gene editing in 2019 Page 9 Continued on page 3 This image depicts a chemical probe interfering with the WDR5 protein (in red, white and blue) in patients with leukemia. This chemical probe served as the starting point for OICR's drug discovery efforts towards a potential first-in-class drug targeting the WDR5 protein. (CNW Group/FACIT) Mountain View, California-based DNA-testing giant 23andMe Inc an- nounced in January that it will add weight-loss coaching to its DNA testing service. To deliver this option, 23andMe is partnering with Lark Health, an AI coaching service that delivers personalized weight-loss and diabetes advice through an app. "This was born from our desire to get our customers to do more with their genetics,'' said Emily Drabant- Conley, vice president of business development at 23andMe. Some genetic experts are concerned about the science behind the and Ontario more broadly." This partnership marks the largest to date for a pre-clinical asset based on Canadian research with Celgene paying $40 million US up front and Rafi Hofstein, co-founder and director of Triphase and president and CEO of MaRS Innovation noted, "Celgene's expertise to- gether with the commitment of our founding partners will not only continue to support the successful Triphase model but will also ensure increased global focus on Toronto Toronto-based Triphase Accelera- tor, a drug development company co-founded by MaRS Innovation, has partnered with Celgene Corpo- ration to create a pre-clinical drug developed by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, targeting the WDR5 protein for the treatment of leukemia and other blood cancers. the option to acquire TRPH-395 from Triphase Accelerator for up to an additional $940 million US in- cluding contingent development, regulatory and sales milestones. "I am thrilled that our initial vision of creating a stellar oncology drug development engine is now bear- ing fruit," says Hofstein. Triphase Accelerator's primary focus in oncology. They are dedicated to advancing novel compounds through operations in Toronto and San Diego. WDR5 is the third as- set Triphase has developed with Celgene. In 2016 marizomib became the first asset acquired by Cel- gene and is currently in Phase 3 development for glioblastoma. The second acquired asset was recently moved into Phase 1 clini- cal trials. Triphase is committed to advancing novel compounds through Phase 2 proof-of-concept clinical studies using faster and more cost-effective approaches than traditional pharmaceutical and biotech industry drug develop- ment approaches. Triphase's partnership with Cel- gene is strategically focused on oncology drug development op- portunities. ,

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