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Laboratory Focus May 2013

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The Eppendorf portfolio of new single-use vessels for DASGIP® and New Brunswick™ bioreactors We know Bioprocessing With renowned expertise in plastics manufacturing, Eppendorf is proud to offer several new single-use vessels for both the DASGIP DASbox® and New Brunswick CelliGen® BLU systems. Single-use vessels eliminate the need for pre-sterilization and cleanup—saving hours of vessel cleaning and preparation time. > New single-use vessel available for use with the DASGIP DASbox parallel bioreactor system, 100–250 mL working volume > New Brunswick CelliGen BLU rigid-walled, stirred tank vessels offered in three sizes, 1.3–40 L working volume > Vessel components are constructed from USP Class VI and animal free materials • 800-263-8715 ENA.A1.0160.B © 2013 Eppendorf AG. NEW VESSELS

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