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R&D News ......................... 1 Appointments .................... 6 Pharma Notes .................... 7 New Products .................. 15 App Reviews ..................... 18 Calendar .......................... 19 P H A R M A C E U T I C A L C L I N I C A L C H E M I C A L F O O D E N V I R O N M E N T w w w . l a b o r a t o r y f o c u s . c a AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2015 Volume 19, Number 3 Publications Mail Registration Number: 40052410 WATERLOO RESEARCH FACILITY TO DEVELOP INTELLIGENT GREEN CARS the Canada Foundation for Inno- vation and the Ontario Research Fund Research Infrastructure pro- gram. GAIA will consist of three labs: one focusing on powertrain effi- ciency, another on longer-lasting batteries for hybrid and electric cars, and a third lab for testing research-modified hybrid electric vehicles on rolling dynamom- eters. Alternative powertrains found in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are integral to the future of transportation. De- veloping intelligent software for use in low-cost, on-board vehicle computers can provide significant reductions of both emissions and fuel consumption. Complex component systems will contribute to the development of new in-vehicle power electron- ics and embedded controllers. The result of this research work also has the potential to enable hybrid vehicles to feed energy into Cana- da's electrical grid and become an integral daytime supplier of low cost energy. "The GAIA facility will enable world-class multidisciplinary re- search with a strong collaborative approach," said John McPhee, a Waterloo systems design en- gineering professor who heads the GAIA project. The facility will be accessible to a range of auto- motive companies and universi- ties currently partnering with the University of Waterloo. Professor McPhee will lead a research team of eight professors from four dif- ferent engineering departments. As part of the Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (Wat- CAR), which leads automotive- academic collaboration in North America, GAIA will support Ca- nadian industry in providing new components and systems into a rapidly growing market. The facil- ity has the capacity to conduct confidential projects simultane- ously, offering open access for any company. To meet demand, it is expected new companies will be established, while existing manu- facturers will evolve their product offerings. To see this story online visit http://www.laboratoryfocus. ca/?p=3373 A new breed of smarter and greener cars than current models could emerge from technology de- veloped at a new research facility at the University of Waterloo. The $10 million Green and Intel- ligent Automotive (GAIA) research facility is established today in the Faculty of Engineering with $1 million initial funding from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC). The Governments of Canada and Ontario are also pro- viding $2.1 million each through Clean or Contaminated? Page 8 Safety & Simplicity in the lab Page 13 John McPhee heads the GAIA project. (Credit: NSERC)

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